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Please use this page for ticket sales for the 2017 Season. Go to bottom of this page for Calendar, then select “Event List”.

Pumpkin Train: We now offer our Pumpkin Train through online ticketing reservation basis. Please see schedule for days and times. Ticket Sales for Pumpkin Train now available. Use Ticket menu by scrolling to Oct and selecting desired time for Pumpkin Train on either of the two dates (Oct 28 and 29).

Polar Express™ & Santa Steam Train: For The Polar Express™ & Santa Steam Trains we offer ticket sales online beginning September 1. Due to the popularity of these trains, we strongly recommend early advance purchase.

Coach runs: Tickets available online in 2017.
For coach runs to Milburn or Ruth, tickets available online.

Dinner Trains: Tickets available online in 2017
For food service trains such as our Dinner Trains, the Murder Mystery Dinner Trains, and Mother’s Day Brunch train, tickets available online.