July 2015 Sees Season On Hold- train runs cancelled for the month of July

July train runs cancelled, and season is still on hold. Locomotive #15 is undergoing major overhaul of its boiler and related systems as required by Federal Railroad Administration regulations. In the meantime we are continuing to conduct track maintenance and repairs. Our Locomotive #15 has had extensive repair work to date, but we are waiting for a decision from the Federal Railroad Administration on a proposed repair to the boiler barrel. Other work has proceeded as far as we can go awaiting the FRA decision. This delay in our operating season is clearly a concern to all of us at the railroad. Once we have a decision we should be able to proceed with the barrel repair, and provide an estimate of when we will be back in operation. This engine rebuild process is taking far longer than we anticipated and we apologize for the inconvenience to our loyal customers. Thank you for being patient as we continue to prepare for the remaining part of our season.

We will be using all of the means in our power to “get the word out” once we know the date of our rebuilt engine being back in service. Thank you for being patient and understanding as we move though this rebuild process for our 99 year old Baldwin locomotive, #15.