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About the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum

The Chehalis-Centralia began in 1986 as the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad Association, a (501) (c)(3) non-profit corporation. The founders were a group of local citizens whose goal was to restore a 1916 logging locomotive that had been placed in a Chehalis park thirty years earlier. Soon work was underway on the Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade No. 15, a Baldwin-built 2-8-2 “Mikado” type steam locomotive.

Over the course of two years, the engine underwent extensive restoration, and several passenger railcars were acquired. In 1989, scheduled passenger operations began over the former Milwaukee Road track in Lewis County. In 2006, the association changed its name to the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad & Museum, to better reflect its continuing mission to preserve the railroad heritage of the region.

Presently, the Chehalis-Centralia is one of only a few steam powered railroads in Washington State. The railroad operates seasonal excursion trains each year over approximately ten miles of track owned by the Port of Chehalis, offering both coach and dinner train service. Additionally, the railroad is caretaker of the #15, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyards No.6 & 9, and numerous other pieces of historic railroad equipment.

In 2016, the CC&C #15 marked its 100th birthday, a remarkable feat. As the railroad looks forward, emphasis will be placed on how best to ensure the future for such historic equipment. It is our hope that the #15 and other equipment of the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad will still be operating not just ten years from now, but fifty years from now and beyond.

Our Locomotive

Home to the  Baldwin 2-8-2 “Mikado”, we are proud of our steam train and its AMAZING history. We take pride in the train ride experience, but it wouldn’t exist without this workhorse engine and all of the amazing staff and volunteers it takes to run. Click below to learn more about our engines and their history.

Chehalis Depot

Stop by the Depot to learn about the history of our steam train and check out some amazing artifacts. Our concessions include snacks, drinks, and train memorabilia perfect for the rail-buff in your life!

Hours of Operation
Monday, Friday & Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm
Depot is closed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday

Special Recognition to Harold Borovec

Harold has been a railroad fan since his early childhood. His first job on trains was in the 1940’s when he was 16 years old working for the Cowlitz, Chehalis & Cascade Railway. It’s safe to say he knows more about railroads than the average rail fan. 

Among his many accomplishments is his recent book. Harold and his wife, Alberta, followed the abandoned G&P tracks through the mountains and plains of Idaho and Wyoming as he researched the book, “I Was No Nutsplitter! Railroad Machinist Recollections of E.R. Lambert as recorded by Harold Borovec.” Woven throughout the books is a sweet story of the love Harold shared for Alberta, his childhood sweetheart and wife for 67 years. She passed away April 22, 2013. They were the parents of three sons and a daughter.

Harold and Alberta were volunteers and founders of the Chehalis Centralia Railroad in 1986 and devoted countless hours to restoring the Cowlitz Chehalis & Cascade, 1916 locomotive No. 15. Following a successful restoration project which took over 2 years, the locomotive began pulling the Chehalis-Centralia Steam Train over former Milwaukee Railroad tracks west out of Chehalis in 1989. Harold has served as an engineer on the train for nearly three decades.

In 2013, Borovec received the South Sound Heritage Association’s Heritage Award for his excellence and service in local historical preservation. In 2019, Harold serves on the Chehalis Centralia Railroad’s Board of Directors and remains an advisor and mentor to the dedicated crew and growing fan base. 

Meet the team


It's amazing the amount of time, skill and effort it takes to maintain our beautiful steam engine and cars. Our team works tirelessly to ensure every customer has an authentic and memorable experience. Safety is our number one priority.

Bill Deutscher


Jack Eppert


Rick Burchett


Jeff Galleher


Dave LaClair


Mike Beehler


Skip Mason


Craig Cootsona


Jon Cox


Alden Wolf


Adam Cordell


Crew Positions

The Conductor is responsible for the train, the freight and the crew. The conductor is responsible for all safety and operational duties. He/she is in charge of seeing that the train arrives and leaves on time. He directs the engineer to move the train. To be a conductor you must first qualify as a brakeman. The conductor also performs brakeman duties as necessary.

The engineer operates the engine and is responsible for all functions of the engine. He/she must first qualify as a fireman before being trained and qualified as an engineer.

The Fireman works for the engineer, keeping fuel on the fire and steam pressure up in the boiler of the locomotive, as well as being another set of eyes (and hands) for the engineer. To be a fireman, you must be qualified as a brakeman.

The Brakeman handle throwing switches, coupling and uncoupling cars and engines, and setting and releasing hand brakes when cars are set out or picked up While the train is moving, they keep a lookout for potential hazards on the train itself.

Board of Directors

Ted Livermore, President
Mike Beehler, Vice President
Jack Eppert, Secretary
Daryl Lund, Treasurer
Mary Kay Nelson
James Folk
John Cordell
Jon Cox
Skip Mason
Dave LaClair

Currently, our 1916 Steam Train Locomotive #15 is out of service due to mechanical issues. Our excursions will be powered by our diesel engine #6 until repairs are completed. We appreciate your understanding as we refurbish our locomotive to ensure safe operation for years to come.” 

YOU CAN HELP! Please consider donating to restore the #15 steam engine.