PLEASE NOTE: The Steam Locomotive #15 repairs are underway. No date has yet been set to return the locomotive to service. Our Diesel Engine #6 will pull the train on excursions until such time as our Steam Engine is repaired.

Safety precautions and health guidelines are in place for the benefit of both crew members and our passengers. 

Chehalis Centralia Railroad

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The route to your destination should be the EXPERIENCE. Hop aboard our team and help others learn about our classic steam engine, and beautifully restored cars. See the wonder in guests eyes as they are transported back in time for an experience they will NEVER forget. 

Get involved and learn from the “inside” what it takes to run a railroad. There are so many ways to enjoy railroading. The obvious way it to join as a crew member. This takes training and time. If you have experience or just want to begin your railroad journey, let us know. We have many activities that help give you an idea of what it takes to join the crew.

Perhaps you prefer working on the tracks. Tie replacement and maintenance of way (MOW) are key to a successful railroad. They take lots of work and time, but if you enjoy being outdoors, perhaps this is the job for you.

Mechanical maintenance includes everything from maintaining our coaches and rolling stock to running excavators and the Hyrail. Tooling, building and facilities all take talent and expertise. We work hard at maintaining high quality tools and equipment. 

Then there is marketing, events, fundraising and the passenger experience. From the moment a perspective client visits our website to purchase a ticket, to the moment they drive into the Depot parking lot, the experience needs to be exciting. Many hours are dedicated to each excursion. Ticketing, gift shop, and event management make our guest’s experience come to life. All of these activities are rewarding. Please consider joining our team.    

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    By becoming a sponsor, you help to fund the continued preservation and operation of the museum’s historic railroad equipment. Stakeholders and volunteers are the backbone of our organization, as their volunteer commitment provides the hands which help keep up the grounds and collection.

    We offer several benefits including free tickets for excursion rides. Please consider sponsoring us today, and become part of the effort which has preserved nearly a century of railroad history in Western Washington!

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    We wouldn't be able to provide our services without our volunteers! Our volunteers are our backbone, help us to keep the history ALIVE.


    As a (501) (c)(3) non-profit we rely on the community to help us reach our financial goals and to maintain our mission to deliver experiences for all.

    Why Chehalis Centralia Railroad & Museum?

    Our team works tirelessly to provide an amazing experience for young and old. The secret to our success is in the DETAILS! Countless hours have been spent to fully restore our steam engine and rail cars so guests can really experience what traveling in history feels like. To keep the experience alive we need dedicated volunteers, members and donors. Find out how YOU can keep the history alive!


    We strive to create a fun and safe environment that our community can be proud of and be a part of and take part in.


    We intend to set a standard for education about our local railroad history and create an opportunity for people to interact with it.


    It is in our core belief that safety must and always will come first. We do everything we can to encourage and maintain a safe environment.


    It is our duty to preserve the history of our beloved steam train and to educate those that wish to learn.


    Our team works tirelessly to ensure every customer has the best experience possible. We are passionate about creating an experience for all.

    Keep the history ALIVE

    It takes a team of staff and volunteers to restore and operate our classic steam engine and cars. We can’t grow without your help! Your contribution will help us go “full speed ahead” into growing the amazing historic experiences for our guest and community.