PLEASE NOTE: The Steam Locomotive #15 repairs are underway. No date has yet been set to return the locomotive to service. Our Diesel Engine #6 will pull the train on excursions until such time as our Steam Engine is repaired.

Safety precautions and health guidelines are in place for the benefit of both crew members and our passengers. 

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The route to your destination should be the EXPERIENCE. Hop aboard our team and help others learn about our classic steam engine, and beautifully restored cars. See the wonder in guests eyes as they are transported back in time for an experience they will NEVER forget. 

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    Our team works tirelessly to provide an amazing experience for young and old. The secret to our success is in the DETAILS! Countless hours have been spent to fully restore our steam engine and rail cars so guests can really experience what traveling in history feels like. To keep the experience alive we need dedicated volunteers, members and donors. Find out how YOU can keep the history alive!


    We strive to create a fun and safe environment that our community can be proud of and be a part of and take part in.


    We intend to set a standard for education about our local railroad history and create an opportunity for people to interact with it.


    It is in our core belief that safety must and always will come first. We do everything we can to encourage and maintain a safe environment.


    It is our duty to preserve the history of our beloved steam train and to educate those that wish to learn.


    Our team works tirelessly to ensure every customer has the best experience possible. We are passionate about creating an experience for all.

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    It takes a team of staff and volunteers to restore and operate our classic steam engine and cars. We can’t grow without your help! Your contribution will help us go “full speed ahead” into growing the amazing historic experiences for our guest and community. 

    Important Message:

    Greetings to Railfans and Friends of the Chehalis Centralia Railroad & Museum,

    We are pleased to announce the full repair of the track damage sustained in the 2022 flood has been completed. Funds are currently being sought through FEMA and SBA to reimburse the expenses incurred. In the meantime, projects to improve our facilities, track and the safety of our train operations are underway. The renovation of the #15 Steam Locomotive will resume, pending the acquisition of funds.

    While our organization remains strong and committed to a return of services, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are currently unable to conduct train rides and event excursions.  We do not have dates as to when we will be able to return to service. All 2023 events and schedules are pending. Thank you for your interest.